T&G Membro do The Porto Protocol

The Porto Protocol é uma plataforma de troca de ideias e soluções empresarias que visam reduzir o impacto das alterações climáticas de cada indústria

Notícia 13/02/2019

T&G Membro do The Porto Protocol

Escrito por Teixeira & Guimarães

The Porto Protocol will help your business grow in terms of acknowledgment of the ecological practices the industry can take on the future. Climate Change effects are real, not only in our city but all over the world, so we developed a platform where companies can find solutions to the day-to-day challenges. We are talking about environmental good practices and we all have them on our businesses.


The Porto Protocol is a place where our members will receive motivation and practice tools to mitigate their ecologic impact on the industry. This is very important for your company and it's free, easy and motivational for your clients, also. Customers are concerned about the climate change effects as well so, knowing that your brand is concerned will also promote the communication with them.
At this platform, Porto Protocol supporters can share their ideas, achievements and experiences. Many companies have worked hard to develop solutions that they are applying to their businesses, often through hard work and careful research.

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Por serem frequentes as dificuldades de comunicação no relacionamento quotidiano com os clientes, pelo uso de diálogo técnico, procuramos, a todo o instante, privilegiar um diálogo compreensível, envolvendo o cliente em todas as vertentes do tema e nas tomadas de decisão.

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